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Magnetic Frequencies ?

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Jul19-11, 07:33 PM
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I understand that a magnetic field is generated via moving charged particles . Electricity and magnetism are linked through electromagnetism . Electromagnetism can be in different wavelengths and frequencies but does this mean that magnetism and magnetic fields are at different wavelengths ? I know magnetic fields aren't waves but can different electromagnetic frequencies generate different magnetic fields with different properties ?
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Jul19-11, 10:03 PM
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A magnetic field only has a frequency if the electric field which produces it also has one. As such, a moving paticle may generate a magnetic field, but unless it is moving back and forth then there is no frequency.
Jul21-11, 05:50 AM
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I understand that a magnetic field is generated via moving charged particles
Hhhmmm, I am not sure I thought of it that way... I mean, a magnetic field is there, whether the source is moving or not...there is INDUCTION, when the field is moving relative to our non-moving frame of reference.

how do you see a permanent magnet? it produces a magnetic field. where are the moving charged particles?

I don't remember particles that much...but are you confusing magnetic field with electric field? I thought electric fields can be there around a single charged particle....but I don't remember this for magnetic fields, magnetic field cannot be other words, you need both a " north" and a " south" , I thought ...

that way you are visualizing the magnetic field with a frequency is not quite right, I think; I think that if you want to visualize a magnetic field with a frequency, you would need to increment and decrement the number of moving charged particles, instead....if you have an isoleated " charged particle " moving around, the magnetic field around it is always the same...just also moving, but is there is nothing around it who is to say that such magnetic field has a frequency? it does not, it is always of the same magnitude ...

anyway....starting to ramble too much

Jul21-11, 04:30 PM
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Magnetic Frequencies ?

The magnetic field of a permanent magnet is created by the angular momentum of its electrons when they align correctly as a whole. While this angular momentum is NOT movement like you and I experience on our scale, it has the same effect. It effectively makes the electron a moving electric field source. In all other cases you must actually move charged particles/electric fields to create a magnetic field.

In the case of a magnetic field having a frequency, it is exactly the same way as an electric field having a frequency. Either the strength of the field changes repeatedly over time, or the polarity switches over time, just like an AC electric circuit works. If you wiggle an electron back and forth it creates EM waves along with an alternating magnetic field. Also, in a photon both the electric and magnetic fields have the same frequency. So not being able to have a magnetic field with a frequency would not allow a photon to exist!

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