How to avoid killing birds with wind turbines

by Ivan Seeking
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Sep7-11, 07:29 AM
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Bird running into wind turbine blades and killing themselves appears to a much bigger problem than many people want the public to know. In fact a single cluster of wind generators in a year or two could kill more birds than the Santa Barbara, CA mini-oil spill, which caused a huge media stir prompting President Richard Nixon to change the EPA laws.
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Sep13-11, 09:51 AM
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How about recording a raptor of some type in an attack dive and mimic the sound with whistles.
Also some grating strips on the blades would reflect different spectrum's of sun light based on the angle of the blade. Most birds do follow VFR, so night is not much issue.
Some very bright blade tip LEDs might also let the birds see the swept area as an object.
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Sep13-11, 12:42 PM
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I've have been a little involved in the issue of migrating birds flying into radio towers at night. To my knowledge no one is going out to the base of the towers every morning during migrating season and counting dead birds so we really don't know how big of a problem it is.

It seems to me that ornithologists have noticed a decline in bird populations and are looking for a culprit. Besides wind turbines and radio towers, I've heard that house cats are extraordinarily efficient at catching birds.

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