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Sorting Out Ford V-8 Engines

by average guy
Tags: engines, ford, sorting
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Fahlin Racing
Jan20-12, 06:47 PM
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I should say the 'stockers bible' doesn't do newer engines.
average guy
Jan20-12, 07:17 PM
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how about Ford V8 Performance Guide by Bill Carroll
it looks old timey.i almost got it for 292.
now that i'm a Ford engine expert
i can tell that 221 listed first means
it starts at Windsor around '61 so
wouldn't go back to 292 and it's siblings.
plus came to my senses about 292 and high performance
this book is not from Ford Racing.

Have A Nice Day!
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Jan21-12, 01:54 PM
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Quote Quote by Fahlin Racing View Post
The wicked SOHC 427 is a full hemi-chambered engine. With a 7foot long timming chain, there is nothing like it. I cant remember if it was NHRA whom banned it from competition or not.
If memory serves, it was NASCAR. The 426 Hemi so dominated in '64 that a rule was introduced in '65 that something like 2,000 units of any race engine had to be sold to the public. That eliminated the Elephant for that year, which was also the year in which Ford had planned to introduce the Cammer. In '66, Chrysler (through its various divisions) put around 11,000 Hemis on the street and re-entered the race scene. Ford could not possibly afford to street the Cammer because of production costs. A single engine would have had to have been priced at more than an entire Mopar vehicle with a Hemi in it. Hence, the project was abandoned.
Jeez, but chain stretch must have been a nightmare on that thing.
Jan23-12, 06:58 AM
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We're running 2000+hp on a street driven car with full A/C, interior, and all factory comfort items.
average guy
Jan23-12, 09:25 PM
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i think the 427 SOHC is available as a crate motor now.
attachment is MOPAR book that includes their crate motor chapters.
IF Ford Racing put out books the fix for that chain thing would
be in it.
good rule of thumb in engine building or race car fabrication
is 'you can only serve one master'.
point being is:get engine, read book, blueprint engine & run engine.
otherwise you end up all over the place.
that's 'special'.

Have A Nice Day!
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