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Agricultural Chemistry, Help!

by frozonecom
Tags: agriculture, chemistry, college, problems
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Feb19-12, 10:49 AM
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Hello guys! :)

I am having problems with the course I am taking up for college. The college entrance exam results have been announced for the universities where I took the test (I tried 2 universities) and I am so glad that I passed both of them. (Chemical Engineering on the first university and Agricultural Chemistry on the second)

I am more interested in Chemical Engineering, and it is really what I wanted to pursue but we just don't have enough money to go into that college. :( On the other hand, I've been thinking about pursuing Agricultural Chemistry since that is the only college program I'd be able to run into. I don't want to shift courses because when I start something, I want to finish it. And besides, I won't just pick Agricultural Chemistry when I filled up the form for admission test if I hate it.

So, as I begin to embrace Agricultural Chemistry, I want to ask some guidance from you guys here. :)

What are the jobs waiting for me(of course salary ^_^), the classes (subjects like Chemistry, Calculus, etc.) and anything I need to know before I enter the world of Agricultural Chemistry?

I don't hate Chemistry that much and I am also interested in food production.

Thanks in advance for your replies! :)
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