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Mathematica Slows Down with Repeated Evaluation

by michaelp7
Tags: evaluation, mathematica, repeated, slows
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Feb20-12, 11:50 PM
P: 6
I'm trying to analyze a fairly large (order 10^3) collection of PDB files to look for cation-pi interactions for a class. This requires me to parse each PDB file into a table which gives the position of each atom in the file. To do this, I've written the following code:

Timing[Open[AllFiles[[2]]]; (*AllFiles is a list of the filenames in the directory. I intend to replace the 2 with an iteration index when the code is working*)
Lines = Import[AllFiles[[2]], "Lines"];
FullTable = {};
LineStream = StringToStream[Lines[[j]]];
QATOM = Read[LineStream, Word];
If[QATOM == "ATOM", (*This condition looks for lines that actually describe atoms, instead of other information*)
ThisLine =
Read[LineStream, {Number, Word, Word, Word,
Number, {Number, Number, Number}}];
If[Or[StringLength[ThisLine[[3]]] == 3, StringTake[ThisLine[[3]], 1] == "A" (*This condition eliminates duplicate listings*)],
FullTable = Append[FullTable, ThisLine]]
, {j, 1, Length[Lines]}];

The code does what it's supposed to, but it slows down significantly each time I run it. The first run takes less than .2 seconds, but by the fifth run, it's already above 25 seconds to parse the same file. Quitting the kernel session solves the speed problem, but of course this deletes all my data. CleanSlate, ClearAll, and adjusting $HistoryLength all had no effect. I haven't come across a solution on this forum yet, so I would appreciate any suggestions.
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Feb21-12, 02:01 PM
P: 6
Update-- I think the problem is that I need to close all these input streams. This post seems to address the same issue:

I get some improvements when I close the streams in a modified version of this program, but when I try it on the original code, it still slows down. I think I'm missing some streams. Is there a command that would let me close ALL open streams?
Bill Simpson
Feb21-12, 03:48 PM
P: 1,043
If you evaluate

s = Streams[]

you will see that s is the list of the open streams you have.

It looks like, unless you are fiddling around with stdout and stderr, that

Map[Close, Drop[s, 2]]

will close everything except the first two, stdout and stderr.

BUT I would be very cautious with that. You might want to do more processing on the result from Streams[] to make sure you weren't closing something you didn't want to.

Feb21-12, 11:53 PM
P: 6
Mathematica Slows Down with Repeated Evaluation

Thanks! That sped it right up.
Bill Simpson
Feb22-12, 02:38 PM
P: 1,043
You would likely find your code would be faster if you had


and you did that for each individual file, rather than opening thousands of streams, crunching the data and then closing the thousands of streams.

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