Hydrograph by return flood

by af_231
Tags: flood, hydrograph, return
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Mar14-12, 08:57 PM
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As part of a research project I want to get a hydrograph by return flood obtained from the flood frequency analysis.
I have been searching on internet, but haven't find anything about it. I would be very grateful if someone can suggest me any method or process on hydrograph by return flood.
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Mar14-12, 11:27 PM
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af 231, I suggest you google the terms "hydrograph return period flood". I did and I think you can find lots of examples of others who have already done this.
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Mar15-12, 05:25 AM
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Thanks Bobbywhy, but I already did what you suggested me.
Unfortunately, the examples you found with google searach are related to hydrograph obtained from precipitation data, not flood data (return flood) as I mentioned above.

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