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How do you power the rail in an old school carnival dark ride?

by hilltopzombie
Tags: carnival, dark, power, rail, ride, school
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Mar21-12, 12:28 AM
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I am pretty good with mechanical stuff like motors and guns, but I know next to nothing when it comes to electricity.

I want to build a dark ride/ghost train/pretzel ride in an area about 1000 sq ft. I want to keep it as simple as possible. The track will wind around through this area. The cars will be powered by an onboard dc motor. There needs to be a dead area of track where the cars will come to a stop for loading and unloading. Once I'm seated, the car can be shoved forward onto the live rail and start propelling itself.

How much voltage AC would be needed. How many rectifiers/transformers would be needed to connect the power to the track? What size? Who sells them? If the brush from the motor rubs against the live rail, where does the ground go? Would your average electrician know how to hook this up?

Please have mercy on my ignorance.

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