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The Life You Can Save

by Greg Bernhardt
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Mar24-12, 11:26 PM
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I have no time for theoretical arguments from the likes of Singer, who as far as I can tell does not share my understanding of the word moral.

That's not tongue in cheek, he's serious.

1995, London Spectator, "Killing Babies Isnít Always Wrong"

Ted Kaczynski, aka The Unabomber, might have also had some interestingly crafted arguments. At least he was not given a Chair at Princeton.
The only thing I want to add to your comment is that if you and your partner/wife/whatever decide to have kids, then you should really be responsible and take this responsibility seriously for not only being responsible for raising the kids but also to teach the kids how to be personally responsible themselves.

But the above does not support this guys argument: I think the guy is nuts personally.

If people do their absolute best to raise people of the world in the manner above (not only these but in a way that at least includes them), then they can hold their head up high and say that they did the best they could and that it ends up being the person themselves who makes their own decisions and knows that they need to be responsible for themselves.

For these people that advocate population reduction in any shape or form, they should be the first to line up and take their oath seriously: I'm sick and tired of people like this.

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