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Objective+Scientific Differences Between Good Floods and Bad Floods? Need Help

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Apr23-12, 10:37 PM
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I am always baffled by this problem. The example would be the Yellow River in China and the Nile River in Egypt. Both rivers replenish the soil nutrients with their floodings. However, the flooding of the Yellow River in China are known for causing huge death tolls, while the ones in Egypt do not. Why is the flooding of the Nile more predictable?

The Yellow River is known as "China's Sorrow", while the flooding of the Nile in Egypt is celebrated during Wafaa El-Nil.

What causes the Yellow River to be more deadly than the Nile River?
Both the Yellow River and the Nile River are densely populated, yet the death toll historically were very different.

The answer seems to lie in the fact that the Yellow River has a much higher silt content. Averagely speaking, the Yellow River has about 40% Silt content, one the highest in the world. One of its tributaries even contained as much as 60% Silt content. Yet, the Chinese people were not idiots and retards. The other civilizations have no problem with their silt control. The Chinese should have been able to control the Yellow River, even if the Yellow River was a bit more "special".
Unless, of course, the Yellow River was "very special" not just "a bit" more special.

Do you guys know of any good academic books that talk about river siltation control?
Since I am not an engineer, I do not want books with a lot of engineering jargon. However, I still want a good authoritative book. By that I meant that the book should:
1. Talk about the different methods that have been used in the passed to control the level of silt content

2. Talk about when and where such methods were invented

3. Most importantly, talks about how some methods that can be used effectively on some rivers CANNOT be apply to certain other rivers.

Guess, I still have to end up reading a large engineering book :/

Thank you
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