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Torsion test simulation

by svishal03
Tags: simulation, test, torsion
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Apr26-12, 08:58 PM
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Hi all,

I am simulating torsion tests (after being successful with tension and compression tests). For tension and compression, I got a good comparsion with experimental and behaviour in tension is same as in compression (of course leaving the necking part).

For torsion tests, I have taken equivalent tensile stress = shear stress*sqrt(3) and equivalent tensile strain as = shear strain / sqrt (3).

This is based on Von Mises criteria.

But I have a problem, doing this I find that there is a variation of about 6-8 % from the uniaxial tension test and compression test . IS there some approxiamtion in Von Mises criteria of equivalent tensile stress and strain?

I tried to google and more and this what I found:

From this ; am I correct below (you can read the abstractabove as well):

“Torsion equivalent stresses obtained using Von Misesrelationship (as I have done) are 6.5% lower than those obtained using BishopHill formulation which is more accurate”

So, can we say that torsion equivalent stresses will bearound 6.5% less than that obtained using uniaxial tension ?

Warm regards,

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May1-12, 10:00 PM
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Please can anyone help?

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