Measuring up to ~2T magnetic fields

by metalplastic
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May5-12, 02:55 AM
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What do you propose as a quick DIY method for measuring magnetic field flux densities around ~2T?
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May5-12, 04:14 AM
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I would first and foremost recommend to be very careful with fields at ~2T. A piece of ferromagnetic material can do a lot of damage and get permanently lodged in whatever it is you are using for the field. Is this something like an MRI magnet? What do you need the measurements for?
Bob S
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May5-12, 10:53 AM
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A lot depends on the volume of field avialable (i.e., size of sensor), whether it is an dc or ac field, the precision required, ease of construction, etc.
I have used many types, including Hall effect probes, integrating (flip) coils, proton (nuclear magnetic) resonance. If you have at least 1 cm3 of volume, and you want a 1% precision measurement, an integrating coil is easiest, and does not require anything more than building an op-amp circuit and using a dc voltmeter.

See my post #27 in

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