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Quantum mechanics books

by Rackhir
Tags: books, mechanics, quantum
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May7-12, 12:07 PM
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Hello everyone
I know that they are many threads already on this topic, but i'm still not convinced. I'm currently taking a course in modern physics, and, as i thought i would be, I'm fascinated with QM. Why i'm studyin engineering and not physics is something i don't have clear.
Anyway, my courses us the Eisberg-Resnick book, so it's quite introductory. So what should be my next step? something rigorous, but with a introduction on the math formalism (i'm quite blind in bra kets). I was thinking of Townsend "A moder approach to Quantum Mechanics", but i need a little more background i think, i am right?
My math background is four courses of analysis (real and complex calculus, DE) and two courses of linear algebra.
Regards and thanks in advance.
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May7-12, 12:37 PM
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Quote Quote by Rackhir View Post
So what should be my next step? something rigorous, but with a introduction on the math formalism (i'm quite blind in bra kets).
Sakurai provides a great intro to the bra-ket notation and formalism.

Then, there is always the classic by Dirac himself. - Nothing like getting it from the horse's mouth.
May8-12, 12:47 PM
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The classic book to transition out of modern physics is Griffiths. Griffiths is well known to have a nice conversational engaging style. And Chapter 3 gives you exactly what you want. Also he has appendices that fill in the rest of the mathematics that are pre-requisite. Alternatively, I'd like to suggest a text I discovered a recently that's really good, the author's name is Nouredine Zettili.

May8-12, 01:23 PM
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Quantum mechanics books

Thank both for the income. I'm guessing that Griffiths is the best choice now, although i'm still interested in Townsend or Sakurai. And i have to take a deeper look int Nouredine Zettili contents. Thanks!

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