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Rotating Usage of Shoes, Backpacks, to Extend Useful Life

by Bacle2
Tags: backpacks, extend, life, rotating, shoes, usage
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May12-12, 01:46 PM
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Hi, All:
I know very little physics and/or materials engineering.

I am just trying to see if there is something to the claim that alternating the usage of ,

say, backpacks/ shoes , will give an overall longer total life, i.e., if I will be able to get more

useful days out of 2 shoes by buying 2 pairs; p1,p2 and using p1, say, every other day,

than if I use p1 daily until it breaks down, then using p2 until breakdown.

I have some weak arguments to support this; first, I've been told the military uses

this method. Secondly, I've been told that when , say, a shoe is used daily, then the fiber

will wear out and pushed to its breaking point. But, if one of the pairs is not used for a day,

then the fibers will return to their original length when "resting", therefore delaying

these fibers' breaking point.

Am I way Off? ( I'll wait for your answer to decide if I should shower daily or not :) )

Thanks in Advance.

fibers return
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Jun5-12, 10:20 AM
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I always buy at least two new pairs of shoes. It definitely does extend the life, and it's way more fashionable to not always wear the same thing...

But yeah, what you said could make sense. Especially if you have some sort of insert that will help maintain the shape. I have a cedar insert for my nice leather shoes.

Also it could be due to evaporation of moisture, or just bulk transport of dirt/grime due to a greater amount of time for airflow.

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