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Microstructure of titanium

by samara.
Tags: microstructure, titanium
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May26-12, 02:46 PM
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hey, everyone,

i am really confused about microstructure of titanium,one is deformed and one is original both of them is 20x, have a look at the image attachment,

i know that the grey scratched is twinning and slip marks due to deformation, what about those white parts and black parts?

thank you....
Attached Thumbnails
Ti-Unstressed-Etched-normallight-20x.jpg   Ti-Stressed-Etched-normallight-20x.jpg  
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Jun10-12, 02:22 AM
P: 221
Is this Cp-Ti (commercial purity) or another alloy like Ti-6Al-4V?
I'm guessing it is Cp-Ti because the first picture looks like equiaxed grains of alpha-phase.

The second image looks like widmanstatten phases. Was there a heat treatment on the alloy?
Check out this book on Titanium. It has a few good micrographs you can compare with:
Jun10-12, 11:55 PM
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hi streeters,

thanks for helping, but this section is done,

the lecture said was relatively pure titanium, the reason why lighter/darker region is due to its own orientation.

i feel it was not very good explaination, but it fits her marking scheme so m gonna settle with that.

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