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Special education: a good idea?

by Catria
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Nov12-12, 07:49 PM
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How good is a physics background if one was to switch majors to go to special education? I want a backup plan in case I get shut out from graduate school.

I'm getting a fallout from both physics and mathematics to the point I'm seriously thinking about special education now, which I always treated as a backup plan in case my physics hopes were dashed one way or another. I always thought that a jam-free education, like a special education major, would be more appealing to get, provided I know what I want to get with that education.

However, I know what jobs I can get once graduated from special education; I'd become a high school special ed teacher, and I know that, for my area, job outlook in the five-year range is better for high school-level special ed than elementary-level special ed.
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Nov12-12, 09:45 PM
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Change from Math and Physics to Special Education?

That is an extreme change in career paths. What kind of preparation and qualifying experience do you have with Special Education? You should at least have minimum two years teaching or tutoring people who have academic or neurological difficulties.
Nov12-12, 09:52 PM
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Sometimes, a change has to be extreme enough for it to work.

But special ed requirements vary from an area to another; Quebec requirements for special ed teaching licensure are to complete a 4-year program, with four internships teaching people with academic or neurological difficulties. In a few respects, a special ed major is like any other education major.

Has there been someone else here who underwent such an extreme change in career paths?

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