Sci-Fi Writing Resources

by onomatomanic
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Sep1-12, 08:17 AM
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Dare I suggest another sticky? (Apparently so.)

Unsure about whether or not to include more general links, like Wikipedia - I'm leaning towards "not", because those tend to do more harm in cluttering up such a listing than they help those unfortunate few who aren't already aware of them.
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Sep4-12, 10:24 AM
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TV tropes in general is very good.
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Dec3-12, 12:20 PM
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Climatology for Worldbuilders

I've only had a glance so far, but the material seems to be extremely thorough.

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Jun23-13, 01:52 AM
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Sci-Fi Writing Resources

Here is a good link that talks about sci-fi combat:
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Jan31-14, 02:48 AM
Best Humor
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Create an artificial language:
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Feb4-14, 09:27 AM
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You can convert fictional currencies in there.
Well... this isn't really a resource, but it can help you when you are figuring out the value of money in your own sci-fi universe.
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Feb4-14, 11:12 AM
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You can find a name for your sci-fi character in there
An another member suggested the site, I just added it to the resources.

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