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Name your favorite products

by Ivan Seeking
Tags: favorite, products
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Jun21-11, 08:39 PM
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Years ago I started sleeping in a support bra, the result, I think I am the only woman on earth my age that has the breasts of a 20 year old.

Evo Child is getting enormous, she now understands the need for tight support, I hope that she keeps those things bound tightly whenever they're not in use. I know women that have to lift their breasts in order to button their pants. It is not attactive.
My mom jokes that when she was young, she was a 36C. After 4 kids and years of yo-yo dieting, she's now a 36 long.
Jun22-11, 04:08 AM
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Quote Quote by lisab View Post
Damn, this thing is so amazing I think men should wear them too.
Unless it comes in 34AAAAA I don't think it's for me
Jun23-11, 04:07 PM
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Quote Quote by lisab View Post
My mom jokes that when she was young, she was a 36C. After 4 kids and years of yo-yo dieting, she's now a 36 long.
I know those genes. Does this sports bra come with a parachute ripcord deployment system?
Jimmy Snyder
Jun23-11, 04:48 PM
P: 2,179
Where would I be without my Ribao SBC-100? It frees up many hours of work so I have more time to play.
Jun23-11, 05:01 PM
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Quote Quote by Jimmy Snyder View Post
Where would I be without my Ribao SBC-100? It frees up many hours of work so I have more time to play.
Must be really ruff Jimmy.
Nov18-11, 02:17 AM
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My 25 year old craftsman hammer still works like new.
Nov18-11, 07:53 AM
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The General Tso's vegan tofu at Whole Foods deli has fooled numerous meat eaters I know.
Trader Joe's soy chorizo is awesome in homemade mashed potatoes.
I've had my Henckel's Pro "S" knives almost 20 years now, and they're still as good as ever.
Nov27-11, 05:55 PM
P: 35
I cannot live without my Kindle e-Reader. ;_;
Nov27-11, 06:49 PM
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Spam. What other product inspired a comedy sketch and musical? (Who says it has to be favorite based on use?).
May19-12, 10:55 AM
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In terms of clothes, the only company I like, even if a bit pricey is RRL as you can
get some good reductions on them if you look around.
NSD powerball is another company that I like for exercise.
I don't really have many companies I like, just ones I tolerate for things.
Ivan Seeking
Nov22-12, 02:40 PM
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GPS pet tracking collars. DUH!!! What a great idea! The world of pet ownership just changed forvever.
Nov23-12, 10:31 PM
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Organic vegetables are my favorite product.
Dec4-12, 11:59 PM
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locally grown, locally raised, locally constructed. But also, obscure foreign imports. And sometimes Carl's Jr. or McDonalds, or Safeway Deli, or Domino's Pizza. And Pepsi.

Grundens rain gear, XTRA TUFF boots, Victorinox knives, Carhartt clothing.

XBox, Nintendo

MATLAB, Zebra F-301, Ford, Vizio, Acer, Craftsman, Windows, Macintosh.

Think that's just about it.
Dec6-12, 12:44 AM
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I live in Kansas, so if I went with local produce, I'd have no citrus, only corn, wheat and soy. In other words, I'd die. Thank goodness for the ability to bring in food from other areas, it allows people to live here.
Dec6-12, 09:32 AM
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20 Mule Team Boraxo hand cleaner . Love the grit!
Jimmy Snyder
Dec6-12, 05:26 PM
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Quote Quote by Pythagorean View Post
locally grown.
And a cannery in every town.
Dec6-12, 06:33 PM
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Titanium eyeglasses with plastic lenses. Small mass. I'd rather use such eyeglasses than having a good vision.
Dec6-12, 06:39 PM
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I love my TI-83 Plus. Been using it since I started university and it's never done me wrong ^^

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