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Function with many local minima

by Old Monk
Tags: function, local, minima
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Old Monk
Dec16-12, 10:54 PM
P: 8
I've been working on a decentralized algorithm for finding local minima. Can anyone give me a few examples of mappings of the form F:R→R that have multiple local minima. I'm having problems defining neighbourhood on mappings from R2→R, so I thought I'll test it out on single variable functions first.

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Dec17-12, 12:23 AM
Sci Advisor
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Try the sum of some trig functions with no common periouds, for example
##\sin x + \cos( \sqrt 2 x) + \sin( \sqrt3 x)##.

Or if you want a cluster of local minima, throw in something like ##\sin(1/x)##

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