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Is Big Boss a villian

by KidZero
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Dec23-12, 12:03 AM
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Big Boss, from the critically acclaimed "Metal Gear Solid" video game series

Big Boss, the legendary soldier, was considered as "The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century", and a brilliant military leader and was hailed as a war hero by admirers and feared as a tyrant by his enemies

he developed an ideology, his belief was that he wanted to start a "soldier's paradise" a place where soldiers, are always needed, and not tools of governments.. he founded Outer Heaven, a state fortress located in South Africa, he dreamed, as he interpreted the boss, his mentor's theories....which involved ending the abuse and exploitation of soldiers by the world's governments

what do you guys think

modern academics and media, and general people would consider him a nutcase, insane
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Dec24-12, 03:46 AM
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Quote Quote by KidZero View Post
what do you guys think

modern academics and media, and general people would consider him a nutcase, insane

Gross. I've been reading about the Third Reich, and these seems like basically the same thing.

As to "insane," I don't think they have a mental pathology. It is a primitive form of government. The Roman Empire basically thought this way. It's precivilization, barbarous. Many young men seem to be attracted to this kind of thing.
Feb6-13, 06:45 PM
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So he wants a world locked in perpetual war, where war is more of a goal in and itself rather than a tool? He sounds like a nut. Didnt Hitler dream of a world where every generation would have his war? Then again, Hitler kept saying one thing and the exact opposite moments later, you can paint the man any way you quote him.

Feb6-13, 08:06 PM
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Is Big Boss a villian

Metal Gear's story is so batsh*** crazy that it's hard to determine any one characters motivations enough to determine their noteriety.

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