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by jehan60188
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Dec28-12, 09:28 AM
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in an undergrad introductory dynamics class, my professor used tensors, and assumed things went to zero to derive equations for angular acceleration.
he then proceeded to show how a rotating body with certain moments of inertia will experience unstable rotation about certain axes due to the previously mentioned assumption not being valid

johnston and beer do not cover this, they merely spit out equations with no derivation
is there a better book? perhaps a 400 level text, or even graduate level text that I can look at to get this derivation?
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Dec28-12, 09:36 AM
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I used "Analytical Dynamics" by Baruh to supplement my textbook in one of my graduate classes. It may have what you are looking for.
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Dec28-12, 10:44 AM
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Is post #4 here what you are referring to?


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