Dark Matter Bomb?

by Kutt
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Feb7-13, 09:42 AM
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If you're in need of a destructive instrument, er... bomb, wouldn't a dark energy driven device be more appropriate?

BTW, I'm no expert/physicist, but a big rip style bomb would seem to be more, umm, explosive.
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Feb8-13, 08:36 PM
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Looks like this discussion has drifted off-topic from the OP:
Quote Quote by Kutt View Post
I've seen "dark matter bombs" portrayed in some science fiction movies, but is this actually scientifically plausible?
... a perfectly legitimate question to ask here in the "Science Fiction & Fantasy" subforum.
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Please, let's stick to real physics and not science fiction unless we are talking about a story or novel that wants to ignore real world physics.
Exactly. We're either talking about real science, or we make it clear that we are talking about fiction.
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I had also said that we can't exactly do that.
Actually, at Physics Forums, we do exactly that or we don't post here. Consider it our forum's Prime Directive, if I may borrow a phrase from a popular old sci fi show.

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