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Matlab code

by Mickytenu
Tags: code, matlab
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Feb17-13, 06:06 AM
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Facing problem in solving 3 sets of ODE of second order.

1.∂2ψ/∂y2= 5 sinh(2ψ);

2.∂2u/∂y2= 20- ∂2ψ/∂y2;

3. ∂2T/∂y2= u*5/(lim(0:1) ∫u dy) + 15;

how to calculate (lim(0:1) ∫u dy) , while writing the matlab ode set of equations.
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Feb17-13, 06:07 AM
P: 2
Some plz write the matlab code and post..this will be a great help/

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