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Wireless communication between cars

by iii
Tags: cars, communication, wireless
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Feb12-13, 08:12 PM
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I search after information about who the car can communicate with others cars and protocols for this?
I know that these subjects are new so they are several start ups and labs in the universities that research these areas and I will glad to know about them.
I will glad if you can help me to find information about these.
I find several things that I don't understand what they are and maybe they are related to the subject of communication between cars, if they are related to this subject so I will glad to know how they are connected to this subject and they subjects that are connected to this subject I will glad to know more information about them
1, UTSP Ethernet (also known as OPEN Alliance BroadR Reach)
2. IEEE AVB (audio video bridging)
3. IEEE 802.1Q VLANs (virtual local area networks)
4. WLAN (Wi-fi local area network)
5. LIN (local interconnect network)
6. CAN (controller area network)
7. MOST (media-oriented system transport)
8. FlexRay
9. IEEE 802.3
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jim hardy
Feb12-13, 09:42 PM
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If you've driven at night you have doubtless noticed many automobiles use strobed LED taillights . Personally i find it really annoying, sure do wish they strobed faster than the eye can see but they dont.

Anyhow - that's a thought worth exploring. There's already 40khz IR protocols for TV remote controls . It'd be a natural adaptation to put them in the marker light assemblies.

Disclaimer - not my idea, i saw it here bottom of page 1 post 13561:
Feb12-13, 10:20 PM
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I have never come across the protocol literature of many of the mentioned above. However most of the above mentioned are proprietary networking protocols. The IEEE 802.? Series are varitions of the 802.11 wireless ethernet. CAN sounds like a variation of CAN Open systems which is somtimes used in plant automation. Usually by PLC's ion the latter usage. I heard of several programming protocols which are also PLC based. STEP 5 Seimens is one such lanquage.
This lanquage I heard is being used for ABS brakes.
Other wireless protocols may include devicenet and Profibus. devicenet is AB. Where Profibus is Seimens. I cant recall the Mitsibushi protocols or Omrons. Many of these prtocols have a range of devices that utilize them. Such as sensors and other data communications devices and controllers.

Feb16-13, 08:04 PM
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Wireless communication between cars

Hi Jim, Thank you for your response but I don't understand the connection between communications between cars and about what you wrote can you explain yourself more.
Hi Mordred, can you write some links that talk about the subject that you wrote.
Hi friends (all the members forum that read it), I really need your help, so if anyone here knows something about communication between cars so I will glad if he can write in this thread his message response and / or post some relevant links about this subject.
jim hardy
Feb16-13, 10:05 PM
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I don't understand the connection between communications between cars
one could use infrared light for a short haul communication link.
The automobile running lights already have lenses in them, and wores nearby it'd be pretty easy to place IR transcievers on front and rear of cars and wire them to a communications computer..
Feb17-13, 02:52 PM
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I'll get you some info on the PLC based protocols when I get back to work. Its a huge industry. As far as the IEEE standards they can be downloaded from the IEEE site

for some reason the hyperlink isnt working but all the individual IEEE standards csn be found here.
Feb17-13, 03:07 PM
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I should have added ethernet based communication such as many of the ones you mentioned in the OP. Will be the most likely choices. As ethernet has a rapid growing infrastructure. All the protocols I mentioned utilize ethernet. Mainly for remote communications. They also use RS 485 based protocols between devices. Sensors etc though some devices also use ethernet.
Feb19-13, 11:27 AM
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Here is a couple of examples of PLC's in automobiles.

there is too many different models of PLC's to get into all the details of whats available. Common sites for Information is for AB, for Seimens. each PLC manufacturer will have its own site and calatalog.
Thought I'd post those two examples to help explain my original post. As stated most of these PLC controllers will use an ethernet based protocol for remote communications. Such as the ones you listed above.
Feb19-13, 01:55 PM
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You can search those items in Wikipedia..
I tried "IEE AVB" and got this:

Audio Video Bridging (AVB) is a common name for the set of technical standards developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Audio Video Bridging Task Group of the IEEE 802.1 standards committee. The charter of this organization is to "provide the specifications that will allow time-synchronized low latency streaming services through IEEE 802 networks".[1] These consist of:
IEEE 802.1AS: Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications (gPTP),
IEEE 802.1Qat: Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP),
IEEE 802.1Qav: Forwarding and Queuing for Time-Sensitive Streams (FQTSS), and
IEEE 802.1BA: Audio Video Bridging Systems

There is more information at:

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