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Kevlar and it's mechanical properties

by hexhunter
Tags: kevlar, mechanical, properties
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Nov16-05, 10:59 AM
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hi, i'm making a small site for my coursework on Kevlar, it's uses in defense and it's mechanical properties, i've found that without a textbook or anything like that(our school's physics department is made up by a dep. head, a head of house and a new techer, so we have no head of phys.) it is hard to find the details and to recover the things we did at school.

does anyone know, or know a source for, information regarding Kevlar's mechanical properties(strength, stress, strain, youngs modulus) or just mechanical physics itself?

PS: cool new design
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Nov16-05, 11:50 AM
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Try, and search on Kevlar. There are several choices, so I recommend a sampling.


Some properties here -

Some general info -

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