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Finding height of image for a concave mirror

by chester89
Tags: concave, height, image, mirror
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Nov21-05, 09:31 PM
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Ok, theres something I just don't understand. I know that to find the height of an image (hi), you need to use the magnification equation m = -di/do = hi/ho. And for this question, the focal length (f), distance of object (do), and distance of image (di) are given. Now, if I want to find the height of the image (hi), I would need the height of the object (ho) to finish the equation, but I don't, so now I'm stumpted on what to do with this question.

I know 'hi = -diho/do' is the equation but if I don't have ho, than how can I find hi.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Nov22-05, 06:06 AM
HW Helper
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Edited, misinterpretation.

I don't believe you can find the height of the image without the height of the object. The focal length and a given object distance will determind the image distance. No other focused distance is possible. We cannot arbitrarily choose some image distance.

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