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Jet li + asian music video = bad american music^2

by Pengwuino
Tags: american, asian, music, music2, video
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Feb3-06, 05:26 PM
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This is a nice video for jet li fans... but its also, for me, says something about American music lately. For most of the music video... if i didn't see the chinese (or whatever) captions at the bottom, i really wouldn't have really thought that this music video was not an english music video. Seriously, haven't we all heard some songs that seemed so horribly done with such a horrible singer that you really had no idea that they were speaking the english language?
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Feb3-06, 05:55 PM
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ahahhahah, thats awesome!

.......................if by awesome I mean horrible, yea.
Feb4-06, 09:15 AM
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That was [tex]Craptacular^3[/tex]

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