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Graduate studies in General Relativity

by kudos213
Tags: graduate, relativity, studies
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May8-06, 06:19 PM
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Hi everyone,

I've currently graduated from a good school on the west coast with a double major in chemistry and physics. I'm taking a few years off to help out with the family then it's right back into the books (which I am keeping up with).

I'm going to graduate school for physics and wanted some advice on any field relating to general relativity. My undergraduate research has been in experiemental physical chemistry and I am thinking about going to graduate school as an experimentalist although I believe theory is where my heart is. I'm just not sure i'd cut it as a good theorist. In any event, i've always been fascinated by gravity and have always wanted to work with general relativity although I haven't rigorously studied it.

So, would anyone be able to lend me any advice regarding my intentions? Should I change them? Continue with them. I'm looking to stay in california as well if that makes a difference for grad school.

Thanks in advance!
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May9-06, 06:21 AM
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Check out the LIGO project ( )

Look into the "faculty" in the various groups

There's lots of opportunities (theory, experimental, computational, engineering, etc...).

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