"How would it affect our daily lives if Planck´s constant were different?"

by nicolas
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Jan12-04, 04:01 PM
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This might not be the right place for this Q, since I´m not in school now. But I´m thinking of going back to college, and I stumbled upon the above Q when I was going through my old things from HS.

From what I can remember of physics (way too little), E=hf, where h is planck´s constant and f the frequency. I guess that means that electromagnetic radiation would contain more/less energy depending on whether h was bigger/smaller than it is now. So the sun/lamps/fires would be hotter/cooler, and things would cool down (heat up?) faster/slower than now.

Do I remember correctly? What other effects would there be?

** I realize of course that if the constant had been different, the universe would have looked completely different, and I wouldn´t be here writing this. I´m just curious to see if I understand what it affects.
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