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Modulation schemes book

by dervast
Tags: book, modulation, schemes
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Aug24-06, 02:41 AM
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Hello to everyone i am looking for a book dedicated to the modulation schemes. I want to read about the basics but also more advanced modulation schemes such as OFDM,QAM,DPSK etc
Do u know any book or url that i can find the information i need?
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Aug24-06, 10:12 AM
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My old text was "Introduction to Communication Systems" by Ferrel Stremler.
Aug24-06, 02:53 PM
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Thx a lot what modulation schemes explained? I need a book that includes almost everything from modulation schemes... old and the newest ones.
Thx for your time

Aug24-06, 04:46 PM
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Modulation schemes book

I have the older 1st edition of Stremler. I don't know if much got added or updated in the 2nd edition:

Here's the contents of the 1st edition:

1 -- Intro
2 -- Orthogonality and Signal Representations
3 -- Fourier Transform and Applications
4 -- Power Spectral Density
5 -- Ampl Modulation (AM, FDM, SSB)
6 -- Angle Mod (FM, PM)
7 -- Pulse Mod (PAM, TDM, PWM, PPM, PCM)
8 -- Probability and Random Variables
9 -- Information and Digital Transmission (BW vs. SNR, PCM vs. optimum)
Appendices (math tables, broadcast band info, erf, preemphasis systems, Bessel functions, etc.)

EDIT -- I'd guess he's added at least CDM in the 2nd edition, but I'm not sure. Maybe check out the book at your local technical library -- they should have a copy.
Aug24-06, 07:17 PM
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thx a lot i am also looking for more advanced modulation schemes such as dpsk,gmsk,qam,fsk etc
Aug26-06, 12:34 AM
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My text was Communication Systems by Simon Haykin, which I feel was very well written. (I used the 3rd edition). It covered very similar topics as Stremler.

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