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Ranking Compounds By Polarity

by Soaring Crane
Tags: compounds, polarity, ranking
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Soaring Crane
Sep12-06, 04:26 PM
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Rank these compounds from least to most polar.

These are the following organic compounds that I ranked in increasing polarity:

hexane (nonpolar)
methylene chloride
ethyl alcohol
methyl alcohol
water (polar)

Now there are two inorganic compounds that I don't know how to place in all of these organic substances. They are HCl and NaOH. This acid and the base are polar, but how do they compare in polarity to all the organic substances I ranked?

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Sep12-06, 11:24 PM
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The ionic bond is nothing but the limiting case of the polar-covalent bond.
Soaring Crane
Sep13-06, 10:42 AM
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Does that mean that HCl and NaOH would be ranked between hexane and methylene chloride? (What do you mean by that?)

Thanks again for your time.

Sep13-06, 11:17 AM
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Ranking Compounds By Polarity

he actually means that the HCl and NaOH are the limit in the most polar direction of polarity. The electrons are so unevenly distributed that the electrons that are normally shared are basically 'owned' by one of the molecules. so both of those compounds would be more polar than water

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