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Abstract Algebra question

by freefizix
Tags: abstract, algebra
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Jun6-07, 12:52 PM
P: 2
This question links to a former discussion on the board. I'm confused regarding this thread:


Specifically, towards the end of the thread, the asker states (in regards to the union notation originally cited):

"....if we say that x is an element of the union of those sets, then we know x is an element of at least one of those sets. "

I thought the "or" conditional of the union meant that one (and only one) match occurs for x for the notation to be true. I could be wrong....
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Jun6-07, 01:14 PM
P: 461
Nope. "Or" always means non-exclusive or.
Jun6-07, 01:43 PM
P: 2
Got it, thanks....

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