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New Hampshire voters worried about U.S. image

by fourier jr
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fourier jr
Oct13-07, 10:44 PM
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New Hampshire voters worried about U.S. image
By Andrea Hopkins and Stuart Grudgings
Fri Oct 12, 8:37 AM ET

CANTERBURY, New Hampshire (Reuters) - As presidential candidates descend on New Hampshire before the 2008 election, some voters say they want someone who can restore America's image abroad after years of unpopular foreign policy under President George W. Bush.

With this pretty, rural town hosting Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for a campaign speech, residents said on Thursday it would take a skilled diplomat to reverse the perception abroad that the United States cared little about working with them to solve international problems.

"It's going to take a long time, a really long time," said Democrat John Scarponi, 37, an insurance salesman.

Scarponi said he had yet to decide whom to support in the New Hampshire primary expected in January that kicks off the race for the November 2008 presidential election, but he thought former first lady Clinton might be right for the job.

"She's got more experience in the White House than anyone running. She knows international diplomacy," Scarponi said.

Playing to what many perceive as a strength, New York Sen. Clinton listed foreign policy as her first priority in a speech to supporters gathered in a barn at a village orchard.

"President Bush's policies have alienated our friends and emboldened our enemies," said Clinton, who leads her rivals in national polls and in New Hampshire.

"I want to restore American leadership around the world ... The era of cowboy diplomacy is over," Clinton told the 200-strong crowd to applause.

Analysts said foreign policy and diplomacy may be an area where Democrats can peel off Republican voters or independents unhappy with Bush's policies as the United States struggles with war in Iraq, the nuclear aspirations of Iran and the rise of anti-U.S. leaders in Latin America.

"From a political point of view, the Democrats can criticize the Republicans on the decline in the image of America," said Andrew Kohut, president of Washington-based Pew Research Center.


"Diplomacy makes more sense. When you respect people and don't invade countries you get more friends," said Anderson, a money manager. He had yet to decide whether to support Clinton or Illinois Sen. Barack Obama in the primary, the winner of which traditionally gains vital early momentum in the election.


"You can only do so much. It's a jealous world. They're jealous of our freedom and our riches," said part-time teacher Carolyn French-Witham, 46. French-Witham said she was an independent voter and still undecided whether to support a Democrat or a Republican next November.


Notice most said the US needs to only change its image & not necessarily change what it does; that guy Bill Anderson has the right idea though. That lady who tried to say "it's a jealous world" & people in other countries are just "jealous of their freedoms & riches" is hardly worth responding to. Even though Canada is just across the border & has had a per-capita GDP about 75% of the US's since WW2, there are no Canadians jealous of the US's riches. (not that I know of anyway) I mean the percentage of Canadians jealous of the US's riches is not greater than 0.0000%. She should try going to another country & spouting that nonsense.
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Oct14-07, 04:26 PM
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Perhaps she wasn't talking about Canada?
fourier jr
Oct14-07, 05:05 PM
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perhaps people jealous of the US's riches freedoms don't exist? I think that's much more likely.

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