Beat Frequencies & Light

by hks85
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Mar11-08, 08:06 AM
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I know how beat frequencies work with sound. I know they exist in RF so how do they affect light?
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Mar11-08, 08:30 AM
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The difficulty is that they need a medium to mix in.
Light doesn't interact with light in air or vacuum (at sensible power levels)

A radio uses beat frequencies to mix the received signal with a carrier in a diode, I can't think of a similair substance for light.
Andy Resnick
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Mar11-08, 11:51 AM
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I think it can be done optically using a master oscillator, as a way to stabilize a resonant cavity. Not sure about the equipment- a photodiode of some sort, most likely.

Claude Bile
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Mar11-08, 06:36 PM
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Beat Frequencies & Light

You can generate difference (beat) frequencies by mixing optical signals in a second-order nonlinear medium.


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