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Mayor improvement in wikipedia's thermal/statistical physics articles

by Count Iblis
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Count Iblis
May20-08, 08:19 PM
P: 2,157
Many wiki articles contained horrible mistakes for many years until just a few days ago when I started to edit them.

Totally flawed wiki article on Helmholtz free energy of two days ago This had been the wiki article since many years.

The latest version looks much better

On 18 April this was wikipdia's article on the combined law of thermodynamics Utterly flawed statements in that article. Also the correct name is "Fundamental thermodynamic relation" not "combined law of thermodynamics" (the title now shows the corect name because it was later moved by me).

Then Count Iblis come along and

see the result here

But you got to feel sorry for Eric W. Weisstein

And doesn't this scienceworld article look familiar?

Some other articles were also corrected by me. So, we can now say that wikipedia has become one of the most reliable sources on thermal and statistical physics on the intnernet. Not least because they were so bad until recently and many other websites had copied them.
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May20-08, 08:34 PM
P: 290
Well done count!!

It's too bad that the nature of wiki articles allow for such errors to occur at all, much less to be cited!
Count Iblis
May20-08, 08:40 PM
P: 2,157
Quote Quote by robertm View Post
Well done count!!

It's too bad that the nature of wiki articles allow for such errors to occur at all, much less to be cited!
I'm going to raise this problem at the wiki policy sections. I think that the policies of wikipedia do not work well for the core scientific topics. They stress that everything must be cited and discorage what they call "original research". But this has had the effect that people simply wrote nonsense and gave a link to a few textbooks. Nothing was discussed because well, we aren't supposed to discuss the fundamentals we just write what is in the sources.

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