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List of materials and their damping properties

by MJCfromCT
Tags: damping, list, materials, properties
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Aug14-08, 07:33 AM
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Hi all,

I've finished a hypothetical problem in which I have determined the optimum damping ratio $\zeta$ for a specific system. This [tex]$\zeta$[/tex] value (0.265 in my case) minimizes the peak force transmitted through an object.

My next step is to take this [tex]$\zeta$[/tex] value and find some sort of "real-world" material or product (wood, cork, rubber, commercial-off-the-shelf damper, etc), that has a [tex]$\zeta$[/tex] value close to this so that I can basically say: "Here's the ideal [tex]$\zeta$[/tex] value, here's how close you can get to that using this material or that material".

I'm not sure where I can find a list of common materials and their associated damping ratios, or if such a list even exists in the first place? Any advice? thanks in advance.
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Aug16-08, 12:01 PM
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You've got me curious. I take it you have distinct elements: one with mass, one providing a spring constant, and one dampening element in one dimension.

Zeta doesn't seem to be a property of bulk materials, but would depend upon the shape of a solid damping element. In a one dimensional problem, and simple geometry, it would depend upon cross sectional area and length of the element, so seems to have units of D^-1 (or D^1).

But I'm beginning to think that the idea is to use a liquid, where you obtain zeta dependent upon the viscosity of the fluid.

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