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Can i seperate co2

by ysftlh
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Nov27-08, 11:21 AM
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i am new at this forum . and i dont know rules. and i know little english so i don t understand something so sorry.
i have one question. i wonder answer . 'cuz i think thing. but i dont find answer. i ask teacher. he told but i didnt understand. but i m sure my teacher doesnt know answer.

my question .
can we seperate co2?
how can i do?
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Nov27-08, 12:12 PM
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You can generally reverse any chemical reaction given the right conditions and enough energy.
Normally you would find somethign that bonds to oxygen more strongly than carbon does and mix it together, the oxygen would leave the carbon and react with the new reagent.
That would leave you carbon but would have used the oxygen,
You could then find something that sticks to the new reagent more strongly than oxygen and mix them together.

It's also possible to split some chemicals directly using electricity - converting water in hydrogen and oxygen for example.
CO2 is a bit tricky because carbon is a solid, whihc makes the industrial process more difficult.
It is possible to split CO2 into CO and O2 - although this isn't useful for removing CO2 on a huge scale (to combate cliamte change) it is useful to generate CO for industrial uses.

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