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?Geological Engineering?

by walksofar
Tags: engineering, geological
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Dec15-08, 09:15 PM
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So recently i discovered this brand of engineering, which i had never really herd much about before. And i have a few questions regarding this field.

1. Is this just a fancy name for mining engineering, are they related in anyway?.

2.Can i expect as much math in the program as other engineering fields.

3.Are geological engineers legitimit engineers, or is it just a fancy name for a geologist who has specialized in something?

4. How hot is the job market after you recieve a degree in this field?

any answers are welcome, thanks.
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Dec17-08, 03:42 PM
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no one
Dec27-08, 10:08 PM
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no one
seriously anyone?, even an answer to one question?. I'm desperate here

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