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Calculating tau from measured time and temperature

by blairj
Tags: measured, temperature, time
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Mar16-09, 08:09 PM
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so i have two data points. T1 = 64.68, t1 = 200.7 and T2 = 84.15, t2 = 243. I want to use this data to find the tau value of the exponential curve the data came from.

I was trying to use simultaneous equations but got stuck. Can anyone help me with this?

64.68 = Tf(1-exp(-200.7/Tau))
84.15 = Tf(1-exp(-243/Tau))

I got to 19.47 = 84.15*(exp-200.7/Tau) - 64.68*(exp-243/Tau)

I want to get a value for Tau but i can't figure out how to simplify/remove the exponential terms.
Any help is appreciated
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Mar17-09, 01:08 AM
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What are you trying to fit? A function of the form

[tex]f(t) = T_f(1 - exp(\frac{-t}{\tau}))[/tex]

Your best bet it to evaluate it numerically, don't think it can be analytically solved...

I get tau = -327.156 and Tf = -76.3792

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