Model Rocket Design

by Art_
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May25-09, 03:29 PM
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This summer I would be interested in designing my own model rocket. I do not have a lot of aerospace/aerodynamics (read the NASA ( knowledge but I do have a good grasp of math and physics.
I would like to use a A or B model rocket engine and get then maximum altitude out of the rocket. In the end maybe try to beat the record but for now just want to get started with a design and learning how this works.
So how would I start?

I got a list of questions(list of how to start) that I will research and try to answer
Am I missing any important things?

-best weight and dimensions

nose cone(size, shape)
body tube(size, shape)
fins(size, shape, locationg on body tube, number)
*idea* with the right spin would having curved fins help?
centering tube(distance out of the body tube)
center of gravity(position)
center of pressure(position)
***CP is behind the CG***

should the rocket have transition from thin at top to thick at the bottom?

Also would this be allowed at a competition?
rocket with no parachute?
push rocket with ejection charge and eject engine out?(my own idea, not sure if it would help a lot)
Thank You
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May31-09, 04:48 PM
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Well first if you want more advice go to tripoli (Internatinal amateur rocket group):

I suppose your in USA so you should watch the NAR site :

The best weight would be 0.000000001 pound :)

An a quick and easy way to calculate the CG-CP is Winroc:

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