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PF on twitter!

by Greg Bernhardt
Tags: twitter
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Greg Bernhardt
Sep18-09, 12:43 AM
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P: 9,700
PF has a Twitter account. I'll use it for random ramblings and misc tidbits.

Also don't forget about the PF Facebook Fan page!

Both are listed on the homepage in the "Stay Connected" section on the ride side bar.
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Sep18-09, 12:46 PM
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Cool. I guess I will need to break down and register in order to be an offical follower.

Once I become a follower, can I respond to you online? I know nothing about twitter.
Greg Bernhardt
Mar7-13, 12:41 AM
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P: 9,700
We've amped up our Twitter page and now post daily tweets. Check it out and "Follow Us"!

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