How well does aluminum foil block radiation?

by Raizy
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Sep22-09, 06:41 PM
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I bought one of them grow lights for hydroponics recently - 400 watts Metal Halide and I wanted to know if a makeshift aluminum foil wall would be good enough to block out the radiation coming from the lamp. I know the outer glass shell of the light bulb already acts as a filter but i just want to be extra safe. The position of the growing area is only 4 feet away from my computer desk and I will be exposed to this lamp for several hours a day.

Here are the wavelengths the light bulb emits (my bulb type is "Neutral Deluxe")

EDIT: Furthermore, the fish will be near the light source aswell, will the fish get harmed?
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Sep22-09, 07:09 PM
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What radiation are you trying to block? It will certainly block visible light and UV.
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Sep22-09, 08:09 PM
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Just the ones harmful to humans.

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