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Math freeware?

by Rhine720
Tags: freeware, math
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Sep26-09, 05:51 PM
P: 89
I'm sorta budgeted at the moment.. So freeware would be nice, but feel free to list what ever resources. I want some program that can help me learn math or atleast give me extra practice. Saying upper level of algebra and geometry and trig and calculas
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Sep27-09, 12:27 PM
P: 714
In thinking some more, this is probably the best free reference for basic algebra:

For problems, I agree with socrunningman. Just get some books from the library and do the exercises. Try to find ones with a good answer key so you can understand how they got the solution. For calc, something like Stewart has a good range of questions and a decent answer key book. It is also easy to find an older version (like the 5th edition) for about $5.


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