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Finding Lift Force - Glider Wing

by aaronmorg
Tags: force, glider, lift, wing
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Oct29-09, 12:01 AM
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I am working on my semester project and have come across a hitch. I am trying to find the Lift Force of my wing using the following equation

FL=CL P A (v2/2)

FL is Lift Force
CL is Coefficient of Lift (I think)
P is the density of the fluid (Air)
A is the Area
V is Velocity

The only portion I cannot find is Velocity. I cannot, for the life of me, figured out Velocity when given force and mass.

I have a 3.33 lbf and a 27.999g aircraft.

Can someone please help me.

Equation so far:
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Oct29-09, 01:27 AM
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I found the equation for Horizontal Velocity. Here it is for anyone else who might be stuck in the same place.


E is energy
m is mass

In my case Energy was elasticity since my glider was flung from a rubber band. So I had to find ft-lbf, then use different conversion factors to get to a suitable velocity unit.

My work:

VH=[tex]\sqrt{\left[\frac{2(4.1625)ft-lbf}{27.999g}\right]\left[\frac{453.6g}{1 lbm}\right]\left[32.2\frac{lbm-ft}{lbf-s}\right]}[/tex]

Leaving me with Velocity in Ft/s

VH= 65.899 ft/s

Additional Information:

I was given a chart, from whence I figured that 15 in displacement gave 3.33 lbf, and converted to ft-lbf, giving me my E.

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