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Which are the easier to get into universities in Wales / Scotland

by Jurrasic
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Dec11-09, 03:04 PM
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Some, such as the University of Aberdeen ar pretty selective and hard to get into,
Which, actual universities are there, that offer a fairly good education, not like a trade school or something,
and which universities would you say should most students not bother applying to, due to high possibility of not getting in ?

And how selective are Universities in Wales / Scotland if student has an A.A. degree already when applying?

considering studying abroad after getting 2 year degree, but not sure what the schools actually require.

The University of Aberdeen would be difficult to get into, but what are the names of some schools that offer a pretty good education and are fairly easy to get into? (Or are there none of these in these areas, perhaps only in London or something along those lines, not sure?)
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Dec11-09, 03:50 PM
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As a rule of thumb, the admissions requirement of a UK university are proportional to age.
I don't know about wales but there is a list of Scottish Unis here
Herriot-watt and Napier used to be technical colleges (translates into a US community college?) but all UK universities are officially equivalent.

The newer ones tend to be more concentrated on applied topics but are also a lot more flexible about admitting people from a range of backgrounds rather than just straight from school.
How much you US education would count as course credits depends on the instutite. But remember UK universities make all their money form overseas student fees so will generally let in anyone with a pulse and a bank account

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