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Please, what is dynamical mass-generation ?

by marlon
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Jul24-04, 05:39 PM
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In QFT-textbooks, the process of dynamical mass-generation is often used.
For example one gets an effective quarkmass as a solution of the Schwinger
Dysonequation. This mass is dependent on the quarks momentum.

The effective quarkmass as a function of the momentum gives an image of the
interaction between a quark and its surrounding virtual particles. For
low-energy quarks, the strong force coupling constant is very large because
of asymptotic freedom. So in this condition, many virtual particles become
real because of the strong interaction and thus quarkmass is generated.

Is this conclusion right or am I making e few mistakes here?

Can anyone give me a clear definition of the effective quarkmass, what does
is really mean?

How is mass generated dynamically

Thanks a lot

Nikolaas Van der Heyden
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