How are plantae protists similar and different from plant cells?

by yahman
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Jan22-10, 11:14 AM
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How are plantae protists similar and different from plant cells?

3. The attempt at a solution

similarity: both are photosynthetic, and producers, both are paraphylitic

differences: protists are unicellular whereas plants are multicellular, plants are big and complex where as protists are microscopic, more diverse and abundant. some protists could move, plants can't move. there are differences in chlorophyll and cell wall composition, also some protists don't have cell wall. I assume that there are reproductive differences (not very certain what it might be, I only know that they have a life cycle called alteration of generation that maybe slightly different from plants). some protists could be heterotrophic where plants can't be.

* any feedback is appreciated, thanks*
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