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Battery Powered Nichrome Heating Element (80 Degrees)

by ryancanulla
Tags: battery, degrees, element, heating, nichrome, powered
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Jan25-10, 11:51 AM
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Hi there,

I have been doing research on a lil private project of my own, and am looking for some help.

Would it make sense to use nichrome wire to build a heating element that will heat to 80-100 degrees? It seems that nichrome is great for heating way way past that temperature. I want to run this initial test off of battery power.

Thanks in advance for any insights!
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Jan25-10, 01:02 PM
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More information needed? Fahrenheit?,Open loop control?, closed loop? How about the wrap for pipes that helps keep them from freezing, open loop-constant temp, would that work?
Jan25-10, 01:14 PM
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Hi there,

I'm looking to heat a 4in X 4in pad to 80 degrees F. Sorry I am a real newbie in this area, and trying to prototype a battery powered heating element.

I'm trying to apply this at a very small scale to not cause any6 bodily harm, start fires etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Feb1-10, 04:05 AM
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Battery Powered Nichrome Heating Element (80 Degrees)

Hello. I am trying to create a heating element which can reach 200f withing 2 seconds, is no bigger then 1/4" in diameter, can withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles for long periods of time, and is immersible in propylene glycol. I am shooting for the 3.7v to 7.4v area. Those are the only constraints.
I have achieved this with nichrome coils, but the lifespan is simply to short.
Any ideas????

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