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Max value of x+y (solving a linear system)?

by holezch
Tags: linear, solving
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Apr23-10, 11:15 AM
P: 253
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

A line passes through (3,4). What is the maximum value of x+y?

2. Relevant equations
y = mx + b

3. The attempt at a solution

So I set up a system of equations, m3+b =4; b = Y; mX + b = 0. Then I plugged my values for X and Y into m3+b = 4..
The weird thing is though... there is no maximum value of x+y?? It's just a line, x or y could go out further and further to infinity
How should I solve this? Thanks
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Apr23-10, 11:48 AM
P: 97
As you say, the only solution that makes sense here is "infinity". Are you sure you have the question right?

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