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Parcs Cross-Section format

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Jul19-10, 11:25 AM
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For a BWR-transient calculation I'm trying to convert cross-sections I got from PSG2/Serpent simulations in Parcs [CrossSection] Input files.

My Question:
Parcs makes use of
SNF Nu-fission cross section
SKF Kappa-fission cross section
I assume this means Nu (as in neutrons/fission-event times fission cross section) but I'm not familiar with kappa in this context. Anyone have an idea what it denotes?

Any and all documentation or insights about parcs cross-section input files would be more than welcome.
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Jul20-10, 08:55 AM
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There is a definition of kappa-fission in this thesis.

Just search on kappa (see page 27/127 of the pdf, or page 17, eq. 4.2d), where kappa is related to the local power density.

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