Heat Exchanger/Heat Sink

by zeus2kx
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Nov27-10, 11:37 AM
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Hello Guys,

What is the difference between these two, Heat Exchanger and Heat Sink?


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Nov27-10, 01:39 PM
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Welcome to PF.

A "heat sink" can be a specific object that dissipates heat (a metal block with fins) or can be used as a general term describing anything that absorbs or dissipates heat. Technically, it is supposed to be a heat reservoir. Depending on the context, the colloquial usage may not be technically accurate. A heat exchanger is any device that exchanges heat between two mediums.

For example, in engineering a heat exchanger might be a shell that's filled with water with tubes of another stream of water in it. The water itself (that is receiving the heat) would technically be the heat sink.
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Nov27-10, 05:09 PM
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Thanks for reply.

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